Is the Future Fund certified as a charity?

We are still establishing the Future Fund. By the time we start, we intend to be certified.

Why does the Future Fund have a .ngo domain?

.ngo domains (and the coupled .ong domains, the French and Spanish equivalent) are available to non-profit organizations. This fits well with our aims, so we opted for this domain.

Has the Future Fund started already? Are there donations already?

We are still establishing the Future Fund. Donations are not possible yet via the website. However, a few private donors (ourselves and our friends and family) have already made donations to the Fund to get the fund started. The first of these donations were made in March 2020 and they all used the stock market investment option. The first stocks for the Future Fund were purchased using these donations on 27 March 2020. More information on the stocks that were purchased can be found in the FAQ about the Future Fund investments.

How is it possible that 0.0% of the deposit goes to the Future Fund? Who pays for your management costs?

We find it very important that 100% of the return on donations goes to charities. The Future Fund has been set up to contribute to a better world. That is why we have decided that nothing — 0.0% — of the donations will go to the management of the Future Fund. This is possible because the Future Fund itself is also included as a charity in the list of charities. People can choose to support the Future Fund, just like all other charities. From the return of those donations the management costs of the Future Fund are covered.

What happens if the Future Fund ceases to exist?

We will say this first: it is the specific intention of the Future Fund to always exist, so that charities will continue to be able to benefit from your donations far, far into the future.

That said, if we ever do have to cease operations (for whatever reason), your donation will be converted from an investment into money and the money will be transferred to your charity.

Who has helped you made the Future Fund a reality?

See here for a list of all the organizations with whom we collaborate and who have made the Future Fund possible.